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Do you eat Breakfast?
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I know a lot of us are busy these days and a lot skip breakfast.

I try to eat something in the morning before getting to work. Most times I'm able to get a piece of toast down and maybe a glass of milk.

Most days I skip breakfast though.

What about you?
I sometimes will eat breakfast. But not all the time. When I do eat breakfast It's usually a bowl of cereal or some bacon eggs and toast with coffee.

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i will skip my breakfast always because of my long deep sleep up to 11 o clock cSmile Wink
I try to eat breakfast every morning. But sometimes I wake up late for work and don't have time to grab a bite to eat. Sometimes barely have time to shower.
I always have breakfast Big Grin
Yes, I never skip my breakfast.
I try my best to not skip breakfast.

But sometimes I get up late for work, so the brunch will be my choice.
I always have breakfast. If i don't eat breakfast, i can't concentrate on my work.
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I hardly eat breakfast
I usually skip my breakfast beacause I usually get up at 10 AM
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