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Town in Alaska will disappear by year 2025
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Saw this on the weather channels website weather.com

By the year 2025 just 12 years from now. A town in Alaska will disappear.

It's being swallowed by the sea.

Quote:The cost of climate change is becoming a painful reality for towns in coastal Alaska, as rising sea levels overtake acres and acres of once-dry land.

The threat appears immediate in Kivalina, a town of about four hundred people on the Bering Sea. The BBC reports a "dramatic retreat of arctic ice" over the last twenty years has led to rising sea levels and vicious erosion. The elements have shredded Kivalina into a small strip of land. As weather.com's Matt Sampson explains in the video above, the village could be gone by 2025.

Kivalina isn't the only coastal community that could soon vanish.

"I dream about the water coming in."

These words by Sabrina Warner, a woman who lives in a village called Newtok along Alaska's west coast, reflect the fears of every one of the 350 people who make their home here, about 475 miles south of Kivalina.

The impact of climate change is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in tiny communities like this one near the Arctic Circle, which the Guardian newspaper of London visited for a report titled "America's Climate Refugees," the first in a series of stories on how villages, towns and cities around the world are coping with the effects of a rapidly warming planet.

Warner's fears – in her dreams, rising water from the sea forces her to climb onto the roof of her house – actually are likely to come to pass here, even in the next five years, the newspaper reports. The Ninglick River, which wraps itself around the village on three sides, has steadily been eroding away the land for years, tearing off 100-ft. chunks in some years.

Even the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers agrees. In a report issued in 2009, the Corps concluded that there was no way to save the village if current climate trends continue.

"The snow comes in a different timing now," Warner's partner Nathan Tom said in an interview with the Guardian. "The snow disappears way late. That is making the geese come at the wrong time. Now they are starting to lay their eggs when there is still snow and ice and we can't go pick them."

Tom added: "It's changing a lot. It's real, it's global warming, it's real."
Read more: Video included. http://www.weather.com/news/science/envi...s-20130515
WOW. 12 years seems like a long time from now. But in reality it's not that far away.

Sad to see the town go.

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