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Grab Other Domain Name Extensions

At this moment, I have my domain name under .com and .net.
I would like to ask your suggestion, should I register another extensions, like .biz, .info, .org, etc ?

Please advice.

Thank you.
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If you're looking at protecting your brand and can afford to then I'd go ahead and register all those domain extensions to prevent someone else from registering an exact domain under different extension.

I've only registered the .com .net and .org But that's because I can't afford to register the others at the moment. And so far they're still available. "Hope I didn't open my mouth too early" lol
I don't really think protecting a brand really makes a difference. The odds of somebody stealing your brand by registering some other extention are so low, it's laughable.
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Most people are used to .com, .net or country specific domains like .co.uk. You might have a great name, but potential customers may forget that it is a .biz or .info and type in .com instead. Internet users are not very patient, and if they cannot find your site on the first attempt, they are likely to give up
It's depend on what you need. For me, I don't like .biz domain

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