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How many GB's of Data do you use each month?

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I was just curious about how much data everyone here uses on their Internet connection?

I've been tracking mine and on my dsl at home I use 100 GB of data a month streaming videos from hulu and netflix, watching youtube videos and browsing the Internet.

I was shocked at how much I was using. lol

How about you?
I'm not sure as I've never monitored it on my computer. BUt I watch quite a bit of youtube and hulu and watch movies on A Roku box.

And I stream the police scanner, as well as noaa weather radio sometimes.

I probably use around 100 GB as well. I should monitor it to see. But I never thought to monitor it on my computer as my ISP doesn't set a limit.

But on my android phone I monitor it and only use 500 MB a month.

But I know it's way more than that with my 2 computers.

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hmmmmm i used 50-100gb each month
I used 100-150 GB each month
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about 20-40gb/month . That's why i buy much HDD to copy data
maybe 50GB I guess Tongue
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i use 120to150gb in a month.......
i use about 10-20 GB each month
I use approximately 50gb Big Grin. I do not too much, just do some light wokrs and listen to the music Big Grin
I've hundred GBs every month
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