Older Domain Or New Domain For Ranking

Older Domain Vs New Domain Name For Ranking?

So you want to register a domain to build a website and rank in Google Search but you’re unsure of whether you should pay more and purchase an older established domain name or just cheaply register a new domain name?

Do Older Domains Rank Better in Google?

Older Domains do indeed rank much better and faster in Google Search as I can tell from other websites that I copy and paste content from there website and put it into google search.

A domain and website that has been up for at least 8 years can easily rank at the top of Google Search within 24 hours.

While another website with a domain of only 1 year or 2 years of age on it won’t rank that same content until a year or so later.

Can New Domain Names Still Rank Good in Google?

Yes even a newer domain name can rank well in Google Search but it just takes some time and quality content to get those Google Rankings up.

Your new domain will not likely rank for the first 6 months due to it being put into probation mode by Google.

They put your domain on Probation and not give you rankings for a period of 6 months to make sure that your website is legit and plans on staying online for the long haul.

So you have to give it time.

So Should You Go With an Older Domain or A New Domain?

Whether you should go with a new domain or older domain is up to you entirely as it really doesn’t matter as long as you can write great content and have patience the new domain will rank just fine and be cheaper upfront.

You also have to look the domain over and do research to find out the domains past to make sure it hasn’t been banned from Google Search or had anything bad on it making it black listed.

For me personally I just purchase new domains and write up content and let the domains age and rank with time.

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