Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Why You Should Choose it for your website

Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosting For Your Website.

If you have a website and expect lots of traffic one day and you’re currently using shared hosting or a VPS server then you should look into cloud hosting for your website.

Cloud Hosting is much better than standard shared hosting and can result in better up time for your website than standard shared hosting.

With Shared Hosting Your website is on a single web server shared with thousands of other websites and shared hosting also has limited resources which can cause your website to crash should you get a huge spike in website traffic.

With cloud hosting you have dedicated resources plus you can increase your cloud hosting server resources such as Ram, CPU, Disk Space and bandwidth at the click of the mouse and another payment for the higher plan.

Cloud Hosting allows you to increase resources for your website without having to move your website to another dedicated or VPS server.

How Cloud Hosting Works.

Cloud Hosting Is Not just a single web server that your website is hosted on.

It’s not actually hosted in the clouds lol.

But the way cloud hosting works is that your website is actually being hosted on several different servers that act as one.

So if one web server goes down the other web servers will take care of the website hosting needs so your website will never go offline.

Cloud Hosting is also more secure than standard shared hosting and VPS or dedicated servers since your website is not only hosted on one machine but instead is being hosted on several web servers.

The cloud hosting also load balances your website to that your website will be much faster than it was when it was being hosted on shared hosting.

Where Can You Find Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is available at most any web hosting provider today so I recommend you shop around for the best deal and look at reviews.

You can find some cloud hosting providers on the webmasterbable webmaster blog at https://www.webmasterbabble.com

I personally use Hawk Host Cloud Hosting To Host This Website as well as my other website Answerpail.com and have been very happy with Hawk Host as they have great Up Time, Fast Servers and awesome customer support and Tech Support.

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