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PST to NSF Converter - JerryBand - 12-27-2017

PST to NSF Converter is most reliable and appropriate email migration tool, that can securely convert Outlook databases file to Lotus Notes NSF format. You can easily and safely move all your messages and other information MS Outlook PST to Lotus Notes NSF documents. The tool convert all Outlook items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc to NSF file format. 

Download free demo version of this tool, here:- http://migrateemails.com/2015/09/03/how-to-convert-outlook-pst-files-into-ibm-notes-nsf-database-file/

RE: PST to NSF Converter - stieko - 01-12-2018

If you're switching from Outlook to Lotus Notes, you must convert PST to NSF  file format. IBM Lotus Notes provides you a freeware tool, called nUpgrade.exe  utility. It's a part of Lotus Notes migration tools. By using this utility, you can successfully import mailbox content from PST file to new NSF file without requiring any 3rd party tool. Refer to this article for some useful information - Import Outlook to Lotus Notes – Convert PST to NSF

Before you can purchase any paid software to convert PST to NSF format, you must use the nUpgrade.exe utility.

PST to NSF Converter - dainahayden - 08-09-2018

You can simply use this Online PST to NSF Software; this tool will help you to transfer all emails from MS Outlook to Lotus Notes NSF file set-up. You can use to this free software who free of cost for converting all emails from .pst to .nsf.