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Why Webmasterbabble was suspended - chad - 04-09-2020

Today I got up and checked webmasterbabble.com and noticed it was suspended.

At first I could not figure why and then I looked into the web hosting account and noticed that I had forgot to pay the invoice for the hosting and was 7 days overdue.

So I had to go into town and add money to my card because the balance was down to nothing on my card.

I have a card setup for paying web hosting invoices such as this one that I go to Walmart for.

So I had to go to Walmart and get the money added to the card so I could pay the invoice.

Sorry for the outage but I've been sick with a cold and flu for awhile and the invoice slipped my mind and It's usually auto paid but there was no money on the card which I forgot about.

We're not going anywhere and this website should be online for years to come.

Sorry for the outage and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Also hope everyone is staying safe during this virus thing going on.