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Desktop vs Laptop? Which do you prefer?
I have both a laptop and desktop. But whenever I'm at home, I prefer to use my desktop.

What about you?

I prefer the portability of a laptop. My laptop does everything my desktop did for me. When my desktop died a few years ago I bought a laptop and don't think I really have any use for another desktop.

I have both Desktop and Laptop. I mostly use the laptop because I love the portability of it. If I need to go somewhere I can take it with me.
i prefer laptop than desktop, because laptop is more useful
I prefer Laptop for Working and Gaming For desktop Big Grin
Lap & Desktop feature separate utility for different needs
I have and use both 2.
[Image: onebanner3.gif]
Because of it's flexibility, I prefer laptop. It seems to be more convenient with my job. Desktop, however, is good for gamers Big Grin
I frefer for laptop because it's more useful. You can bring laptop and travel around the world
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vote laptop
Laptop is suitable when we go out for work, so when you're at home, desktop is better. It's right to me when I am home and want to play game. a large monitor when playing is better than laptop's Big Grin

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