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How to optimize the site
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to optimize the website, need to go through multiple steps. You need to pay attention to: HEAD (Title, Meta keyword) HTML, internal links and site structure, page structure .... I take the example:
Title (Title): is the most important part of the elements on the page keywords, page titles should use the best of terms, keyword / phrase is from the first.
Meta described: although no important role in the "ranking" meta description but important role for search engines because search engines will bold the keywords, phrases in the description when it matches a search query. 1 Use keywords intelligently with fascinating descriptions will attract searchers want to click which will increase traffic to your website
Meta keyword: Supposedly Yahoo! search engine is quite unique in recording and meta keyword used to detect, though not in the technical field for the rankings. Previously, the search engine will retrieve information content in this tag to categorize Web sites in the database. Helping out relevant search results when the search request of the user. However, with Microsoft's Bing is set on Yahoo! you should not use this card again.
Meta Robots: although not required, but you should check back for sure whether Robots Meta tags have precluded allow search engines to crawl that is prohibited offline.
Rel = "canonical": a site as large as complicated for organizations working now, sharing data exchanged on the website, the more important. We recommend adding a rel canonical tags to duplicate URLs to prevent any copy or duplicate content for your website
Other meta tags: Meta tags like by DCMI or FGDC offer sounds appealing, but currently it does not provide benefits to SEO for the main instruments so that we do not need to add them by it not necessary but more time-consuming download
you must SEO SEO offpage onpage
(01-02-2016, 08:24 PM)vutiendatbh1 Wrote: Everyone to share : how to optimize the site . Thanks for your sharing

Perfect ways to optimize your site:
Optimize important HTML tags
Optimize URL tags
Optimize content
Internal Link & Location in Site Architecture
Page structure
(01-03-2016, 06:16 PM)trinhkute Wrote: 1. Add a blog.
Add a blog to the site to help you the opportunity to update the new content easily and regularly. The search engine loves fresh content, so if you update your blog at least weekly, or more often, then you have created distinct advantage. You should not only regularly updated content, which should allow their customers to ask questions and leave comments.
The interactions of blogs also adds the ability for potential customers tick and share content on their social networking sites. But note controlling comment spam and duplicate content. The search engines are not like duplicate content (duplicate content) and will lower the assessment if more content.
Blogs also increase the size of the site over time and therefore increases the "prestige" of the page (authority sites). Prestige is the basic parameter, contributing about 25% of Google's overall rating on the website.
2. Add Google Analytics to each page.
As you know, Google Analytics is a free tool to help provide analysis and important information about the site as well as the position of the site for search engines. Using features such as Goal tracking, event tracking, bounce rates or Intelligence to help understand key words, source data are the main carriers to the customer, or use the data analysis to improve web site under time.
In addition to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools also provide a lot of useful information to learn about keywords and your website.
3. Simplify the code:
JavaScript and CSS can make it difficult for search engines such as Google to collect information on your site. In addition the complex code may contain errors and slow down access to websites. So try to execute scripts and CSS to individual files and reduce the rate code / web content.
4. Create unique pages:
Google evaluates each site based on site content, and are always looking for unique content that is not available in any other place on the internet. Means that content should not only completely different compared to other sites on the internet, but also compared to any page on the site. This helps avoid duplicate content (duplicate content), the fear of all these webmasters.
It should also be noted that, when you copy a piece of information from other sites and to link with the purpose for our customers to monitor, you may be penalized for duplicate information. So ask yourself synthesize information your way and avoid the use of the word has been used on other websites.
5. Use the Meta Description:
Meta Description is the description information is displayed on the search results page, to help people learn what the site is about. Please write descriptive enough to convince searchers click on the page, which is the first opportunity to engage customers, so try to make up the difference with the other search results.
Remember that Google is also using Meta Description along with the page title to distinguish the site. So should carefully describe each different page in order to avoid being considered as duplicate content.
Please note that the limits described under 160 characters, including spaces.
6. Remove from duplicate in page layouts:
Recalling the unique content is the deciding factor in web site optimization. When designing the layout, usually wanted more information such as copyright, contact information, even slogan on all pages. If not enough of the other content on the page to be found, you risk being fined by duplicate content. So away from the layout to duplicate content pages undiluted.
7. Add a footer link on each page:
Links between pages using relevant anchor text to the keyword very useful for SEO. Since many sites use graphics, Javascript or Flash without using anchor text, in which case you should use the footer link with anchor text to link pages.
8. Create an individual page for each keyword or keyword phrase:
The best thing for high ranking websites for each keyword phrase is targeted to create individual pages with the key phrase in the title tag (<title> tag), description (description tag), <h1>, internal text and url. This means that the need to create separate pages for each product or service that the company provides, or is the list of pages if necessary. Page for each product or service is also guaranteed for people looking to enter the correct page they need, making it easier to purchase products or find out the information needed.
9. Using the tag title match:
The title (<title> tag) appears on the title bar of the browser and is one of the criteria for the search engines determine the content of the page. Instead of the company name, use the keywords you want, it will create an advantage in the standings. Please note that limit the title under 60 characters, including spaces, to give the title is not truncated by Google.
If you perform all the steps above on the website, you will have the best opportunity to increase revenue and profits from the ranking by the search engines.

Nice info. Thanks for sharing such kind of information. Suppose those who want to optimize your website then you should follow above steps,this will be beneficial for your website..
Content Optimization and Submission

Create page titles. Keyword-based titles help establish page theme and direction for your keywords.
Create meta tags. ...
Place strategic search phrases on pages. ...
Develop new sitemaps for Google and Bing. ...
Submit website to directories (limited use).

HI Everyone.....!
Step 1: Target Market Business Analysis
Step 2: Keyword Research and Development
Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission
Step 4: Continuous Testing and Measuring
Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission
Create page titles. Keyword-based titles help establish page theme and direction for your keywords.
Create meta tags. ...
Place strategic search phrases on pages. ...
Develop new sitemaps for Google and Bing. ...
Submit website to directories (limited use).
If you are using WordPress for your website, then it is advised that you make use of Optimization plugins like WP Super Cache. Else, if you have coded your website from scratch, you will need expert help to deal with it. You can hire product designers from sites like NetGuru to optimize UI of your website.

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