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I can't reply post in forum
(03-29-2016, 08:29 PM)chad Wrote:
(03-28-2016, 12:15 AM)jacksonwsa Wrote: I liked the way the administrators here.
you are very enthusiastic chad.

Thanks. Smile

I'm doing my best to admin the forum. Right now I'm down to my old windows xp desktop computer that is a bit finicky.

My laptop I had for around 3 years died on me around a month ago and I haven't gotten me a new one yet.

I have to pay my upcoming property taxes next month and then I'll be able to purchase another computer.

So bear with me as I try my best to get to the new posts and reported posts with this darn old computer that keeps freezing up sometimes on me. lol

Thanks for help admin.
may be you are banned or have an issue or may be you did not verify confirmation email thats why having this issue
when you are new in this forum you do not post until you do not verify to your email.
I can't reply to anything in the forums. I'm signed in fine, but none of the buttons in the forum that allow me to do anything appear to work. Nothing happens when I hit "Answer question" or try to hit the reply button to reply to an answer to my question. When I right click it doesn't appear that there is even a link there, it's as if it's an empty button. Also if you try to answer this and ask me questions I won't be able to reply, so keep that in mind.
I don't know what occurred, yet out of the blue I can't answer to any string or pm a mod either. On the off chance that I did ... I can just post from my telephone. jpishgar...
I enjoyed the way the managers here.
you are excited chad.
Click reply. You have two different options for replying to the post within the Forums tool. Click Reply to Initial Message at the top of the conversation to reply to the first message in the conversation or thread. Click the Reply link within the message itself to reply to the item you are currently viewing.

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