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BEST OF: Webmaster Babble
"I was talking to a preacher who was trying to make me become part of his church. He said that if my family and I didn't get saved, that we were sure to go to Hell. I told him that we were good people, and have never done anything to get a ticket to Hell. He insisted though that it was a matter of being 'born again' to be able to go to Heaven. So I, being the smart ass I can be, asked, 'So if Adolf Hitler became born again just before he died... he would go to heaven, but I would go to Hell?' and he said yes, that was the case. Needless to say I found that to be stupid, and decided to start reading the Bible, something that I had never done before, to see where he got this crap
The usefulness of the ERP systems is very wide for McDonald. The main modules of the ERP system utilized throughout McDonald include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Finance (Cash flows and Accounting) and Operations. Mcdonald Erp Implementation

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