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How to manage your website best?
4 Steps to Optimizing Your Website:

Step 1: Target Market Business Analysis
Step 2: Keyword Research and Development
Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission
Step 4: Continuous Testing and Measuring
To manage your website in the best manner you must know the basic information of your website like some online report tools, Google Analytics, Webmaster, href and many more tools like that. You must also add original content and pictures and much more things like this to fully manage your website and if you are a web developer then there will be no problem what so ever to manage your site.
Its not hard. Join in different forums be active, add your blog in your profile page. Also post social bookmarking, classified which is enough for a new website to get traffic slowly.
To increase Traffic through SEO Backlinks you should work on SEO Off-Page tools like Classified, Bookmarking and Business directories etc like tools for creating backlinks and improve organic search rank in the SERP Page.
1. Clean Up Any Post Launch Tasks.
2. Create and Execute Marketing Strategies.
3. Continuous Improvement and Optimization.
4. General Website Maintenance and Protection.
If you are a professional web developer then you can perfectly manage your website but if not then you must know some few thing to manage it on your own.
This article is going to reveal and review the four best website builder software of 2019.

When it comes to building websites, understanding what makes a good website builder software (or platform) and how to pick one for you will help you move forward in creating your own website.
If your website is made in Wordpress then it is easy to manage your website beautifully and it desent require any Bs degree etc but if a website is made in pure coding then it is not possible for you to edit.

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