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How To Blog and Build A Following
How To Blog And Build A Following. 

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thanks your video, that's great
I know this is an old vid but just discovered your channel! I have the same problem now as an author. My main following is other authors lol not readers Wink Glad it was able to shift your goals! It's always cool when your dreams can change!
Your blog may have amazing content and striking visuals, but if you’re essentially writing about what everyone else is writing about, there’s no real incentive for readers. Ask yourself, “What new, distinctive angle can I take on this topic?” Focus on what makes your business or brand unique and share knowledge that makes you stand out from the crowd.
I love blogs about sports and fashion
Tips to increase blog followers:

Turn Existing Customers Into Readers
Skip The Misleading Traffic-Boosting Techniques
Speak to a Very Specific Audience
Guest Post and Use Guest Bloggers
Encourage Loyalty Through Consistency
Be Timely And Relevant
HI Everyone........!
Guest Post and Use Guest Bloggers
Encourage Loyalty Through Consistency
Be Timely And Relevant
When i was starting with my best adjustable weight bench of 2018 blog it was difficult for me to build the following initially. Then i found use of social media as the best way to create an awareness about your blog and generate a following.

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