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Do Older Domains Rank Better Than Newer Domains?
Do Older Domains Rank Better Than Newer Domains?

Quote:If you browse through webmaster forums, you are bound to come across questions regarding domain name age and its impact on search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The questions generally revolve around two aspects of domain age. First, is it true that well-established domain names mean that the site itself is well-established? Second, do search engines associated new domains with potential spammers?

For years, webmasters have agreed that domain age is not an important factor in ranking. This may be changing however, with admissions from the likes of Yahoo! and Bing that domain age is becoming increasingly important. Both companies point out that their efforts to include domain age in rank are at least partially in response to Google’s doing the same. So how much does having an older domain matter with new ranking algorithms?

Full article. http://www.affiliatemarketertraining.com...newer-one/
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Old domain with the same business will get easier to rank. But if you buy an old domain with bad link profile, you may get penalty from Google
Some of my old domains rank better, some are not
The “common sense” version of the story is that yes, an older domain is likely going to carry more value than a brand new domain.
The "presence of mind" variant of the story is that truly, a more established space is likely going to convey more an incentive than a fresh out of the box new area
The “common sense” version of the story is that yes, an older domain is likely going to carry more value than a brand new domain.
In the event that a URL or area enters ANY best 20 aftereffects of a watchword inside the last ... More than 5 years of age | ☆ = Under 1 year old | (table is sortable) .... It'll take you significantly longer to rank in the best 20 for your watchwords if your another area than it said 10 ... Anyway I likewise incline toward having numerous arrangements as opposed to leaving ...

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