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What is quality content?
(07-23-2016, 02:57 AM)swatijain2233 Wrote: Hello friends,

 What is quality content?

Quality content will make your website rank higher and google like it  453
What is quality content? is content usefull for reader such as: tip trick., inforgraphic, experience
onpage seo is a problem it comes to the content of your article, if you do seo the top that the quality of the cells as well as write no no!
Quality content is unique content, It is easy for readers to understand and acceptable.
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Creating high quality content means creating value to keep your audience engaged. Here are our must-know content creation tips.
I think quality content is:
-Naturally written, do not repeat a keyword too many times.
-The important keywords should always be "mix" into the keyword related accessories. Example: Install WordPress and WordPress blog Set.
-Important keywords should appear in the first part 1 of the article, 2 times in the middle and one at the end of times.
-Important keywords must be posted to the <title> and meta description tags.
-Meta description should contain important keywords and secondary keywords, called modifiers for it but still friendly to the search query.
-Post subject always in h1 tags.
-The important keywords should put up heading tags (h2, h3 in the article) and bold when necessary, avoid italics and underlined. Also avoid bold type 1 tag multiple times.
-Internal Linking should lead to other articles with appropriate anchor text and internal links that each should have a title tag.
-And most importantly, is selected as well as the optimal use of keywords as possible, this is the crux of the problem.
(07-23-2016, 02:57 AM)swatijain2233 Wrote: Hello friends,

 What is quality content?

quality content mean usefull content for reader , not copyscape , unique, You can post short article but it is not public garbage ,
In the inbound marketing world, we often say, "content is king," but really, quality content is king.
Quality content is evergreen; it stands the test of time and keeps people coming back for more.
Of course, what is considered quality may be subjective to you and your audience -- but there are some general guidelines that every blog should follow and we are going to cover all of them.
1. Interactive content marketing gives you the opportunity to make smart, dynamic forms, related to the main message of your posts or articles and turn visitors into leads. Quizzes, polls or surveys urge the audience to interaction. Mutual interest helps to move forward. Your user is already active – deciding which answer choose, entertaining with results and almost sure that wants something more. Seize an opportunity and promise him extra value in exchange for an email address or give him a demo.

2.The most important thing, in that case, is using the power of already gained user’s activity. Passive content imposes additional move from an inactive reader. Interactive content makes a use of taken actions and emails leaving forms implemented in the sequence of motions. It is easier to make third or fourth step than first.
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I think the most importan is unique

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