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How to change domain in wordpress?
Hi everybody
are you working product laucher
yes im a newbie
How do I change the WordPress Site URL?

If needed, you may wish to change the domain name for your WordPress site.

You can use the following steps to ensure it's done properly, as there are a few important settings that must me made in order to make the switch.

The following are instructions for moving a WordPress installation from one URL to a different one. There are two different cases for moving a WordPress install, as shown below. The first case shows a WP site move from a sub-directory to its parent domain. The second case shows a WP site move from one fully hosted domain to a different one.

Case 1: Moving from a sub-directory to a parent domain or vice versa. An example of this is to move from http://example.com/blog to http://example.com
Case 2: Moving from one domain to a completely different domain name. An example of this is to move from http://example.com to http://dreamhost.com
If the domain will remain the same and the first case more closely matches what you wish to accomplish, then you can ignore the "Getting Started" section below and proceed to the Changing the base URL set in your WordPress settings section. If the second case more closely matches what you wish to accomplish, then begin with the Getting Started section.
thank you so much
(12-02-2016, 05:49 AM)davidhai Wrote: thank you so much

your site sure be using Genies theme right? and your product like my friend ahihii
i think you should not change your domain because it is somehow bad for seo
I dont know what's exactly you want but You can search on google, large amount of result you can refer
Here is something I think pretty interesting, and you might interested in:


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