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How many visitors do you need to make money with your site/blog?
Came across this great article on a blog.

Read More: http://hellboundbloggers.com/2011/05/17/...make-money

How many visitors are needed to make money with your website/blog.

Quote:It is all relative

Your earnings depend on lots and lots of factors like how targeted your customers/visitors are, the niche you are in, the layout of your website or blog, the advertisers you are working with, the product you are selling and so on and so forth.


Let’s take AdSense for example, because I know a lot of people are using it. AdSense earnings are calculated based on the number of clicks your ads get. For each click you get a specific amount of money. That amount can vary a lot from one click to another even in the same niche. For example I have got clicks worth 0.04 € and clicks worth 2 € in the same day on the same website. That is quite a big difference.

Another thing that can vary is the click through rate. Today you may get a 2% CTR while tomorrow you can have a 4% CTR.

See? The famous “How many visitors do I need to make money?” question does not make much sense now, does it?
The right approach

The right approach

Ok, I understand, but how do I know when I should start monetizing by blog?

What I would do before starting to throw ads all over my website is wait to build a returning base of visitors or a nice number of RSS subscribers. There is no magical number in terms of traffic that you need to reach in order to be able to make money online. Just wait until you get positive feedback from your audience. Wait until you see them asking you for a service or product. Don’t just fill your blog with AdSense ads and make it look spammy. It will put everybody off. You can even show ads only to search engine visitors and maximize your earnings.

One of the advices I would give to anyone who is starting a blog or website is: don’t try to make money out of it. Build your reputation first and then, gradually, start monetizing the traffic you are getting. Think of your blog as a long term business and pay respect to your visitors; don’t try to rip them off.

Read More: http://hellboundbloggers.com/2011/05/17/...ake-money/
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If your blog have good daily traffic stats then all
mentioned points helps you to tell how to generate
money from your website.

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General blogs will need more traffic than a 1-2 page sales site. You're going to need enough traffic to attract advertisers or build a decent email list.
If you want to earn money from adsense than visitors and your site content, business theme, All of these are important thing. You can submit your site for adsense approval.
was looking for this information, it found only here, be sure to add it to your favorites!
Thanks, i will check it. Hope it works
(02-21-2013, 07:09 PM)chad Wrote: Came across this great article on a blog.

Read More: http://hellboundbloggers.com/2011/05/17/...make-money

How many visitors are needed to make money with your website/blog.

Thank you for your sharing.
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Thank you for sharing.
blogs required good traffic earning from adsense, even if you getting traffic but not from usa or any other European country you will not get benefit.
Thanks for sharing. That's quite helpful. Beside that, your sharing link was dead, so I don't know if there was sthing else Sad(

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