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SSL Encryption For Forums?
I see a few of the forums I go to are now encrypted with ssl and have an ssl certificate installed.

I run a forum myself and was wondering, what is the reason forums are using ssl certificates, and do I really need to run my forum via ssl, and get an ssl certificate?
I believe they started using the ssl encryption because forums do have sensitive info entered into them. Such as the registration form and login form. You enter, username, passwords etc.

I've been thinking of encrypting this forum too. But it's not a requirement and isn't as necessary as it is on a company website to have ssl encryption and a certificate.

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Yeah. They started using ssl for security of your passwords and usernames. It's not an absolute necessity to have SSL on your forum. But since you can get an ssl certificate for around $9.00 a year. It's definitely worth it for peace of mind.
AES CBC mode requires the input to be block aligned. Generally the ... When putting my encryption and decryption code in a thread, including a copy of the code from the forum post you directed me to, it seems to not work.

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