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How to analyses duplicate Content issues in website?
Hello- How to analyses duplicate Content issues in website?
Nowadays Google is more focused on the quality content present in the website. You must know that the search engines will NOT crawl your pages with duplicate content you have to make it unique and plagiarism free. Duplicate content can affect your rankings badly. Here are some ways that can help you out:-

Google Duplicate Content Checker- just copy the phrase of your blog post content & search as it is on the Google in double ("") inverted commas.
You can use duplicate content checker tool, to check if your website is having any duplicate content or not. One of the best tool to check duplicate content is copyscape. Here you can either copy and paste the content or directly paste the URL of the page.
www and non-www header response;
Google cache check;
Similarity check;
Default page check;
404 header response;
PageRank dispersion check (i.e. if www and non-www versions have different PR).
(10-14-2017, 01:47 AM)nortoncomsetup Wrote: Hello- How to analyses duplicate Content issues in website?

This is a problem, because when there is more than one identical piece of content on multiple websites, it will make it harder for the search engine to decide which version is better suited to a particular search query.
Duplicate content is a copied content which is already published on another website or blog. These contents can be checked using various online tools like Copyscape. These contents are harmful for your website and should be removed immediately to avoid search engine penalties.
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(10-14-2017, 01:47 AM)nortoncomsetup Wrote: Hello- How to analyses duplicate Content issues in website?

To handle duplicate content on the page, there are three main ways to do this: Use a 301 redirect to the right URL, use the rel = canonical attribute, or use the parameter handler. in Google Search Console.
There are many plagiarism checker you can find throughout the web. You can check and then publish it on your website.
(10-14-2017, 01:47 AM)nortoncomsetup Wrote: Hello- How to analyses duplicate Content issues in website?

Duplicate content is the term SEO refers to the content duplication, the duplication of content on a website or many websites. Search engines want to display rich content and rich, so that users have many different choices. So SEs show only one content in search results. In other words, when you use existing news sources then edit and post on your own (or your posts have other websites post) will lead to the content of duplicate content. And apparently Google does not like this.
You can use Copyspace to check plagiarism issues. Enter your page URL or copy/paste the article to check plagiarism. If it shows lots of copied issue, then you need to immediately change your content to something original

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