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How to learn CSS coding fast
1. Partition your page into segments - the div id labels

enables you to make unmistakable divisions on your page.

They are related to a novel id. You would then be able to include a

style (css selector) that particularly applies to the div

of that id. Make sure to incorporate the DOCTYPE (to render your

page precisely in the programs) and meta labels (empowers

web crawlers to bug your pages).

wrapper: is the div that wraps around the various divs

like a holder for the page components.

header: characterizes the best standard of the page

fundamental: characterizes the principle substance of the page

nav: characterizes the route of the page

footer: characterizes the footer and sub-route of the page

2. Make the CSS code - the CSS code styles the page as a focused 2 segment CSS design with a route bar and a footer. The div#wrapper style makes the focused box which goes about as a holder for whatever remains of the page content. The width: 80% run sets the width of the div. The foundation color:#FFFFFF control makes a white foundation for the div. The edge top: 50px and

edge base: 50px guidelines make a space of 50 pixels for

the best and base edges for the div itself.

The best possible approach to focus a square level component with CSS is

to set edge left: auto and edge right: auto. This

educates the program to consequently figure approach

edges for the two sides, hence focusing the div. The outskirt:

thin strong #000000 run includes an outskirt around the external div.

Whatever remains of the CSS code styles the divs for the header,

footer, nav, and fundamental substance.

The div#header and div#footer styles set edges and

cushioning for those divs. Likewise, div#header incorporates

the content adjust: focus lead to focus the header content, and

div#footer incorporates the outskirt top: thin strong #000000 run the show

to make a fringe along the best edge of the div to supplant

the flat govern over the footer in the table-based


The div#nav and div#main styles make the two segments in

the center of the focused box. In the div#nav style, the

skim: left run pushes the div to one side of its

parent component (the wrapper div), and the width: 25% run the show

sets the div's width to 25 percent of the parent component.

With the nav div glided to one side and constrained to a set

width, it leaves space for the principle div to climb to the

right of the nav div, consequently making the two-section impact.

The div#main style incorporates the edge left: 30% control to

keep the primary content adjusted in a slick section rather than

spreading out underneath the nav segment. The fundamental div's cleared out

edge is set to an esteem somewhat bigger than the width of

the nav div.



In the event that connections are set somewhere else on the page they will acquire

an indistinguishable properties from above..a blue connection that drifts to

red. Consider the possibility that you wish to make another arrangement of connections that.

are an alternate shading and on disregarding your mouse them

they are underlined.

4. Make the base route - to incorporate this in the

segment of the page, I utilize div#footer and

code each connection in like manner. To influence the rundown to go

on a level plane I utilize: show: inline;

Since I have wrapped up my template I need to

abbreviate the code on page by connecting it to my outer style

sheet. Here's the secret:

4. Make an outer template - reorder all the

css code (without these labels: ) into scratch pad and name it something like

"template". Place this template between the head labels

of your website page.

This will lessen the code on your page so it will stack quick

besides the web indexes would more be able to effectively creepy crawly your web


4. Add substance to your page - after you have your page

looking accurately, you can add more substance to it.

Alterations can without much of a stretch be made to any style on the page (or

your entire site) by basically altering one template.

5. Transfer your documents - make sure to transfer your website pages and

template to the root index of your server.

6. Approve your code - make sure to approve your xhtml

code: http://validator.w3.org/and css code:

http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/and make rectifications

where vital.

7. Check program similarity and screen determination -

watch that your page renders well in the prevalent programs

(IE6, NN7, Firefox)

On the off chance that you are starting with CSS designs, execute at that point

gradually by rolling out little improvements to your pages i.e. making

a template for your fundamental headers and text styles as it were. As you

turn out to be more comfortable with CSS you may in the long run manufacture all

your future destinations with CSS designs.

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