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Hard disk failure
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

My desktop got shut off wrong and now it wont bootup. I tried safe mode, system recovery, normal startup, last known working configuration, and they all end up on a black screen. I cant even get to the login screen.

I looked up the failure id and the code comes out to "303" which is a hard drive failure. Is there any Way to keep my files or possibly get it booted back up. I only have a iphone to use. I tried unplugging everything
If it's not the hard disk, you could have a faulty hard disk controller.  If you have another PC, attach the hard drive to the power supply of that one. If it also shuts down there's a problem with the hard drive. If it doesn't shut down there is a problem with the PSU of the PC. I  hope this helps you https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/hard-dr...tware.html  The HDDs installed in home PCs are no different from those installed in servers and other high usage machines which are in use 24/7. The life of an HDD is measured in mean time between failures (these can be obtained from the manufacturers) and amounts to many years even at very high usages. There would seem to be a problem with your PC thats causing the HDD to be failing prematurely. The only thing that comes to mind is overheating, if its not a motherboard issue, make sure that there is plenty of airflow over and around the PC particularly the HDD. If your BIOS allows it try setting on SMART this will monitor the status of your HDD and warn you of any pending problems.

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