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The main features of a good web host
1 A good host has a fairly large space and bandwidth
Often, if you see shared hosting packages in Iran, you will find that most of the companies providing these services, hosting services 50, 500 MB of relatively low bandwidth at relatively high prices to their customers , And when the reason for the high price of the limited capacity of the plan is asked from these companies; often the answer is that instead of the service it has a high quality, first you should note that this is just a marketing trick and Enabling different companies to provide more space by providing low-capacity and high-cost services Have their own servers in order to be able to provide their services to more people and make more profit. In the World Wide Web host world of the first world, the space normally considered for each host is more than 10 gigabytes and the width The monthly band offered is above 200 and 500 GB, high-end service providers are not only not of a lower quality, but also with the high capacity of the service provided to customers, are able to host fewer web sites on any server. And the result of this process would be a low-population hosting and, instead, a higher quality and higher sustainability Rhine If you decide to buy a website, be sure to buy the services from companies that provide you with a fairly high space, and you are able to easily and without any concern to fill the spaces with the space above, to grow content in Create your own website and do not worry about filling up your space, make multiple copies of your website and keep them in your own hosting.
2 A good host has the ability to add on the domain
The domain name or domain extension feature is a feature that enables you to launch another website without the purchase of a new host on the same host, except for the main domain of your website, You are able to connect one or more new domains to your hosts and establish them by other websites for other businesses, in fact, all hosts do not have the ability to run domain names, or the installation of multiple websites on a server. , So if you're likely to need such capabilities in the future, then it's necessary to start with hosts Used to be the domain teachers, as long as you have decided to set up a new domain, you need to buy is not new.
3 A good host has specific server resources
The host is precisely a part of a server that is always on, the server is also a powerful computer that connects to the global Internet network 24 hours a day; in fact, each server has its own specific RAM and hardware CPU, A small part of the same server should have dedicated resources from the RAM and CPU server. In fact, most providers of Web services and Domains provide certain resources of RAM hardware and CPU server for each package. The hosts did not consider themselves and when they bought the hosts, they shared their own web site, if the excessive use of server resources A shared hosting service is being suspended due to high consumption of server resources and this problem has always been available to many large site administrators, so it's best to buy a hosting company from the beginning. Specific sources of RAM and CPU for each package are considered and before purchasing a web site, the amount of resources each package displays on its website to customers, in fact, then you can be able to without any concern of all resources Assign your own hosting account.
4 A good host comes from a well-known data center
A data center is local, such as large factories, where server computers are placed in the metal racks in the row of rows inside it; the data centers are responsible for maintaining servers and providing Internet and power servers, in fact, from all servers In the place called Datacenter, as a result hosts provided by hosting companies provide different datacenters globally, some data centers have a very high network quality, and others are newly established. The quality of the network and hardware is not appropriate, so before you buy a website you should be a hosting company
5 A good host has an easy graphical interface
The graphical interface, or control panel, requires you to write the command in the operating system language, given that more than 90% of the hosts are globally of the type of Linux host, the control panel usually Similarly, the same applies to these services. If you are at the beginning and for the first time that you decide to buy and run a website, then it's better to use the most popular graphical control panels. They are relatively famous and it's easier to work with them, and if you're having trouble time, get a lot of training on how to deal with it. There is a roll-panel on the Internet, the cpanel control panel is one of the most popular and easiest control panels available on the Internet, and with this control panel you can easily manage the information on your web host. Launch your website.

6 A good host has a regular retrieval
Backup and backup of information in every area of technology is important, web hosting services or hosts are not excluded from this general rule, so you should use services that include permanent duplication when you buy a website. And are regular, because server hosting companies at any moment may be in danger of hardware failure and burns, and if the hosting company does not retrieve the information available on the website of your website, your information will be at this stage in It is subject to complete destruction and this has happened many times in hosting companies Also, it's possible that you delete a file or folder incorrectly while developing and editing your website and your entire site is facing serious errors, at this point, if the problem is not resolved, you can click Hosted hosting back ups are a good place to shop with regular backups, one of the most important buying and hosting steps.
7 A good host is not very cheap
You can measure the price or price of a product by comparing prices in different companies, in fact, if a hosting company is providing high-quality hardware, a technical team, a support team, a monitoring team and Features such as server insurance, multi-layer caching, high-speed web server, add-on hard disks, and 24-hour support, and provide relatively high-level hosting services, and the company hosts just 5,000 websites per month. That is, it costs the price of a charge card, so the price of a good host for a year is always high 60 Thousands. The host is the main focus of your online business development, so be sure to purchase reliable web hosting services such as secure and high quality web hosting providers.
8 One host has good monitoring and 24-hour support
It's safe to say that support services are one of the main factors that will lead to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service, and most customers are only accountable for having a committed and responsive support for buying and hosting new hosts. Your website is working, you need to investigate more about hosting services before you buy it, because during your use of the service, you need to support the hosting company to solve some problems, so before Web hosting is a support system, support, support hours, and parsing tasks Get notified by the Tibaan hosting companies, then take care of buying your hosting.
9 A good host; different courses
Usually most of the hosting packages offered by hosting companies are available for long periods of time, like 12 months or more, and you should be aware that if you buy a service for one year and After a limited period of use of the service, there are some deficiencies in the service that can not be solved by the hosting companies, hosting companies will not refund the service cost, so if you decide to buy a hosting service, try to do this type of service Provide companies that are willing to provide their services on a monthly basis And you will be able to assess the quality of service at a low fee in the first month, and if you find that all your approved items are after your use of the website, they will be subject to extensions for long periods of time. Take action.
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Hi Everyone...!

7 Basic Features Every Good Web Host Should Offer..
Support (continued)
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1. Speed
2. Security
3. Support
4. Support
5. Monitoring
6. Research
7. Optimization

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