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How can I prevent accidental clicks on my Adsense ads?
How can I prevent accidental clicks on my Adsense ads by myself when viewing my website?

I was browsing my blog today and was doing some redesign on the design and my computer was freezing up for some reason and I accidentally clicked on the Adsense ad. 

I hope I don't get my Adsense account banned for that accidental click but is there someway that I can turn off the ads when I'm browsing own website so that I can't accidentally click on them?
If you just clicked once on your Adsense account by accident and it doesn't happen often then you don't need to worry.

I've done the same thing before and my Adsense account didn't get banned for it.

If you look up about accidental clicks you'll find on the official google.com blog I believe it is that they're aware that accidental clicks on your adsense ads do happen and it won't harm your account as long as it doesn't happen too often.

You can install adblock which would block the advertisements on your website so that you won't be able to see the ads or accidentally click on them.

After that incident on my website answerpail.com I installed ad block and no longer see the ads and I don't see the ads on this website either so as to not have my visits count as impressions on the advertisers ads.

So if you advertise on this website your impressions won't be used up by me browsing and posting on the forum or performing other activities on the forum.

Install adblock and it will help you avoid accidental clicks.
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