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Fuel efficient
hi friends,
For gas stoves, is it more fuel efficient to use a low or high flame?
A great question.

A few things going on here.

First, how high is high? If the flame exceeds the outer circumference of the pot/pan, it is essentially wasted heat. So, high is dictated by the burner size in conjunction with the pan size, with the control knob set accordingly.

Some burners may be so big that they cannot be adjusted down to the size of the pan. In this case, you need to select a smaller burner or a bigger pan.

Second, there is always going to be a level of heat loss from the top of the pot/pan, based on size. Heating it quickly reduces the amount of time available for this heat loss.

Finally, always keep the lid on, if possible, to reduce the heat loss.

Now, the problem is that not all foods will respond well to the optimal heat saving strategy.

Some foods need to be cooked slowly. Also, adding a lid can adversely affect the way some meat cooks, when pan grilling.
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“Once a curry comes to a boil reduce the flame so that it is just enough to maintain boiling. A boiling curry will be at about 100 degrees Centigrade. No matter how high the flame it is impossible to increase the temperature beyond this. Therefore maintain a minimum flame required to maintain boiling. (During preparation do not add excessive quantities of water expecting to reduce the quantity of water by cooking over a long time on a high flame. Instead add enough water so that cooking can be done on a lower flame for the required duration.)”

Pressure cookers are very good at saving energy because they cook food at temperatures around 125 degrees Centigrade (depending on the operating pressure of the pressure cooker) while ordinary pans can only reach around 100 degrees Centigrade (because they are operating at atmospheric pressure). Cooking at a higher temperatures can significantly reduce cooking time.

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