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Why seo is better than ppc?
Hello EveryOne,

 I Want to know that Why seo is better than ppc?
SEO has lots of flexibility without adding the expense. PPC can get very expensive if we try different search items.
PPC costs can get very expensive if it is not managed properly. There is less expense involved in SEO.
PPC requires a lot of time to monitor and manage in order to keep costs under control and apply the right search terms.
SEO does not require as much time to manage and monitor.
Email campaigns can be optimized with SEO in order to boost your search rankings without any PPC expense.
SEO can be integrated into your social media marketing strategy.
Online referral process can be utilized very easily with SEO without the expense of PPC.
SEO campaign serves as a long-term, relatively low-cost traffic source. Technically, it's free. Whereas PPC requires a constant influx of monies to keep it running. 

PPC is good for short-term, immediate traffic growth
SEO is good for generally slower, but long-term traffic growth.
SEO is better as it helps to rank your website higher in search engines. PPC only helps to build your keyword popularity in search engines through successful campaigns.
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Cost wise SEO is effective than PPC campaigns one can generate good ROI through seo campaigns than PPC.

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