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How much does it cost to run a forum?
Hello. I am new here. I was thinking about starting a forum up and was wondering how much does it cost to operate one?


It depend on the size of forum.

For a new one starting out. The cost should be somewhere in the $100.00 a year range.

This one is less in cost at the moment.

The hosting is $47.40 a year. And domain is $9.75 a year.

So total cost is $57.15 a year. Not bad.

Now when your forum gets huge. You could be looking at Thousands of dollars a year.

But if your getting enough traffic to need that kind of hosting you should be able to use ads to pay for it and then some.

Good luck on your forum

Hello Bobby. Smile When starting out with your forum. You won't need an expensive hosting plan. Like a dedicated server or anything.

A good shared host. Such as http://reliablehostingservices.net should host your forum just fine.

Hosting there starts out at $3.95 a month.

There are many free forum software options available such as phpBB. If you set up a WordPress website, you could even use a plugin such as bbPress to house your forum. A domain typically costs around $10 per year. Hosting shouldn't cost you more than $15 per month when you first start your website.
There are many free discussion programming choices accessible, for example, phpBB. On the off chance that you set up a WordPress site, you could even utilize a module, for example, bbPress to house your gathering. A space regularly costs around $10 every year. Facilitating shouldn't cost you more than $15 every month when you first begin your site

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