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How to market a newly launched app?
Hello people, good evening. I am kristen hudson and I am working into the field of general trading for a couple of years. Now that my business is settled enough I have collaborated with a company offering android app development services and launched my new e-commerce app for online shopping.  The problem lies here in the marketing. I don’t know exactly how to make my app popular among the public and generate more and more downloads. Please suggest me some ways how to promote my app. Thank you.
HI Everyone.........!
You can market your new mobile app on Youtube.
Here are some ideas for putting together a successful pre-launch for your app:
#1. Define buyer personas.
#2. Study any competitors.
#3. Develop marketing aspects.
#4. Create a landing page.
#5. Post on Preapps.
#6. Find a ready audience.
#7. Plan your release date.
#8. Build a content marketing strategy.
Lets get to it then.
Get in Touch. Marketing your app starts long before you ever bring it to market. ...
Reach Out To Influencers. ...
Leverage Your Mobile Website. ...
Feature the App in an Official Blog. ...
Feature The App in Your Emails. ...
Create a Demo Video. ...
Consider Alterative App Stores. ...
Apply for Awards.
Here are the 10 steps for creating a pre-launch marketing strategy for your app:
Research your users and competitors.
Start early.
Create a website for your app.
Start a blog.
Connect with email marketing.
Create buzz with social media.
Prepare a press kit.
Reach out to influencers.
You have to reach leaders of opinions and attract attention of audience first of all. You can go to affiliate programs. Make your own targeted ads campaign. Also nowadays good way to promote is to win in such competition as www.webawards.top if you got really fine product.

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