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What is your favorite and least favorite website and why?
This question is meant to gauge feedback as to what makes a good website and what makes it deplorable. Ostensibly, this question can determine if you’re a great fit for the firm because if you think BuzzFeed is a tremendous website, but CNN Money is just bland then you may not be right for the position. It all depends on what the company seeks out.
I have many fav websites but in Social media Facebook and instagram. The least fav websites are not many but few like twitter etc
When you go in for a meeting with a contracting chief, you may experience the inquiry, "What is your most loved site" If a questioner gets some information about your own Internet time, the person in question needs to think about your identity and how you invest your free energy. The inquiry can give understanding into what your interests are and how much time you spend on personal development. Thusly, this will inform the procuring supervisor additionally concerning how you will approach work life and on the off chance that you appreciate individual headway. The questioner needs to realize that you are so disposed to sit around idly as opposed to finishing imperative assignments on time

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