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.NET or PHP?
Which one is good when you start to create a website for your business?
Both have there own different features like .NET is used for desktop application building and on the other hand PHP is used for web development purposes only.
The point is PHP is a programming language, whereas ASP.NET does not belong to the category of programming languages. C# or VB.Net are the languages usually used with ASP.Net. ... You cannot strike a comparison between PHP and ASP.NET as the latter is a web framework while the former is a programming language
It depends on the usage or the required services you are to delivered. Like for an e-com site PHP is used or for other designs .NET is used.
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.NET is mostly or commonly used for making desktop applications & on the other hand PHP is used for creating web based applications like websites where you can book online bus tickets, apply for some things like online forms for the admissions in University.

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