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Windows VPS hosting required (offshore)
Looking for any suggestions on these needs:
 - 50 GB (Hard Disk) , 1 GB (Ram), 2 TB (Bandwidth), Windows OS.
I would like to know your views on warez-host.com offshore web hosting plans?
Their price looks to be super cheap.
Any info about them?
What a wonderful host I found, Warez-host.com team is responsive and supportive. Features they offer look very useful and unique.
The service has been great, but the customer service is what sets them apart from hosting providers I've used in the past.

I like their discounts: https://www.warez-host.com/hosting-promotions.php
You have full control over your Windows VPS just like it's a dedicated server and you can run any app you want. You can run OpenVPN and other applications that require specific modules that are not available on a normal VPS. Your Windows VPS is ideal for these applications!
Warez-host.com is a nice offshore hosting service provider, you will be pleased. They give a more complete answer to technical questions then the Live help. I've mailed a few questions and one was answered within 24 hours, and the others within 2 hours. That's good..!
A great change when I was in a bind because my previous provider kept going down. Warez-host.com helped me get things up and running QUICK, and I had most of my email and websites transferred over to their Netherlands offshore vps account package in less than an afternoon (10+ sites total).
I think you are familiar with qhoster.com? You can check them out. They have a lot of locations within Europe.
Get the best & affordable VPS hosting from eWebGuru with best technical support system & guaranteed 99.9% server uptime. starts at just $16.90/month.
Dedicated RAM 2GB
Burstable RAM 4GB
Disk Space 40GB
Bandwidth/mo --Unmetered
If you are getting same services and same requirements with https://cloudhostweb.com then why choose others.I will recommend you https://cloudhostweb.com .They are providing services in lowest price than any one other.
If you want Best return on your money then Choose https://cloudhostweb.com .They are just amazing,With LOwest price,DDoS Protection,Cpanel/WHM.

https://cloudhostweb.com/vps  | https://cloudhostweb.com/cloud-hosting/  | https://cloudhostweb.com/reseller-hosting/  | https://cloudhostweb.com/business-email

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