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What’s your favorite video game?
Which video games do you play? What’s your favorite video game?
(04-14-2019, 07:34 AM)Carah Wrote: Which video games do you play? What’s your favorite video game?

My favorite games are GTA V, CS:GO and Fortnite. It’s very addictive and fun game. You can also use pro gamers setting in order to play better, find it here https://fortnitesettingspro.com/
I like to play different games at https://captain-droid.com/en/ where are a lot of options. There are different apps for girls, games and software. You can easily download it on your smartphone if you need so. It doesn't need any registration at all.
These are all interesting and popular games. But they need to spend a lot of time to reach the level and win. I prefer games with which I relax and rest. For example, this one http://iospace.games/moomooio Simple interesting design and the ability to play on the site captivated me
I have a lot of different favorite games. Preference is given to WWO and CS:GO
I am gambler, so I prefer gamble. This is a game where you put a certain amount of money and you can win or lose. I love the risk, so these games are interesting to me. I prefer casinos. There are a lot of different casino sites today. But I try to play only on proven sites so that it only brought pleasure. I read reviews on https://www.secureonlinecasino.ca/ because it helps to choose a good site. As a bonus, I can get not only pleasure but also some sums of money.
Why do kids love online games so much? My children like this game https://www.topspeed.com/car-games/racin...e3558.html the free racing games.
I prefer to play Dota 2. I started it from 2012 and find pretty much good players from it. Since that time we played together and even try ourselves on pro scene. I know that we don`t waste so much time playing it. but it was very cool to play together with pro teams. Unfortunately, we lose but we get a pretty good experience. From now I better prefer to watch these games. Twitch is really comfortable for it. And from the last time, I also tried to make some bets on various tournaments. Also, find a pretty good service https://hawkbets.com/ that shows live scores of matches and this helps to make success live bets
Videogames is my hobby

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