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What are the common SEO mistakes?
What are the common SEO mistakes?
Here are 6 common SEO mistakes to avoid.

Duplicate content. What is duplicate content? ...
Forgotten about content marketing. ...
Poor site structure. ...
Don't have a mobile site design for multiple screens. ...
Unreasonable SEO expectations. ...
Hiring a crappy SEO consultant.
Common SEO mistakes are as following:
No to duplicate Content
Poor site structure
Mobile friendly sites.
Here are given some common SEO mistakes
1. Keyword stuffing
2. Using the wrong keywords
3. Optimizing for only one keyword
4. Creating pages for keyword permutations
Optimizing content around one keyword.
Neglecting dated content.
Forgetting mobile users.
Not optimizing for site speed.
Failing to include relevant and helpful internal links.
Failing to include relevant and helpful external links.
Serving up hard-to-read blocks of content.
Forgetting about image optimization.
Not having unique content.
Focusing on quantity over quality.
Not optimizing URLs or site structure.
Neglecting broken or redirecting links.
Not auditing the redirect rules for a site.
Focusing on meta keywords.
Forgetting analytics or misusing metrics.
Not allowing your site to be crawled
Not taking advantage of Local SEO.
Incorporating too many PDFs.
Not optimizing for other search engines.
Not focusing on getting quality backlinks.
Having too many blog categories or tags.

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