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Database connection problem fixed and now back online
Database connection problem fixed and now back online

The last few days have been busy for me due to working on the server problems for my other website https://www.answerpail.com

I installed a new ssl certificate and then apache failed to start so I had to completely reinstall the Centos Operating system and then upload everything back to the server again.

Well I technically moved the answerpail.com website to a new cloud hosting provider to get the site back up sooner.

There was a problem with the server at the other host booting back up and it was taking awhile to get fixed.

So I decided to just move the website answerpail to a new cloud hosting provider and then got everything back online.

I realized also that last night I changed the database password for this website and then forgot to update the password in the configuration file to allow the forum to connect to the database.

That was due to lack of sleep.

I realized it just a few moments ago when I went to load this website that I got that error.

So I went in and fixed it and now the forum is back up.

Just thought I would let everyone know what was going on with the database and the other website answerpail.com
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