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Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way
All your leads are getting free books from us!

It’s hard to earn support and genuine sympathy from customers but these are a foundation of long lasting relationships between products and the market, and this is what we’re aiming at!

We’re interested in perspectives and good reviews of our products, this is why Webvork gives out books about healthy eating habits to all your approved leads, providing stronger relationships between sellers and customers.

Because presents are always nice!

Happy customers, positive reviews — all of these are a way to your profit and Webvork will always lead you the right way 
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The last top offers of this year’s summer!

Since August’s coming to an end, we’ve now got the hottest affiliate season ahead of us – fall.
Let’s find out what offers performed the best during the previous week!

The first place was won by Prostatricum in Czech Republic with a 48% approval rate, payouts start from €34, so all of this sounds pretty good
Second spot – Onixan. Anti-fungus remedies are always peaking during summer and vacation seasons, so go make use of it.
Parazax Complex is on the third spot, this offer’s approval rate was 38% in Austria.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!
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 Dear publishers!
Where do you find all the up-to-date information and latest CPA world news? We at Webvork only follow (and recommend) trusted media sources that can actually help solve many burning issues:


Follow our media partnets’ social media and go to their resources to take in the most useful niche content!

And the “Window to Europe” contest is still on! Drive traffic with the nicest payout rates, earn bonus points, get to the top 30 and earn the main prize — the apartment in Spain!
All offers and all GEOs are participating. 
See all the details on the website: https://windowineurope.com
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Drive traffic with Webvork in September and get three times more points!

It’s very much possible to triple your chances to win in the “Window to Europe” contest! Our primary sponsor is giving you this opportunity for the whole September.

All you need to do is drive traffic to any Webvork offers and earn your bonus points while using dont.farm account service subscription and boost your bonus points x3! 

Choosing dont.farm, you’re up for:
Over 150 GEOs;
BM, Fan Page, Ad Accounts for free;
Fast account replacement;
Premium proxy;
And so much more!

Sign up to dont.farm right away: https://bit.ly/2Quqjmo

All your bonus points will be tripled according to the bonus boost at the end of June, only after data collation among Webvork and dont.farm. Bonus points will be added starting from October 1!

Find all the details about the contest here: https://windowineurope.com
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Exclamation Meet our first list of top offers this autumn!

The end of the summer was marked by a comeback of two weight loss offers in our top: Keton Aktiv and Idealis.
Keton Aktiv took the second place for Austria with a 41% approval rate. Idealis – lower by 1%, took the third spot.
The leader of the three was Prostatricum for Czech Republic – 48%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin! Sleepy
[Image: UiYpkbeCId8.jpg?size=833x500&quality=96&...type=album]
? New top offers bring new possibilities!

This week, all the positions on the list have changed compared to last week’s results. It can only mean that each of our offers is mighty enough to get to top 3 offers with the best approval rates?

So, the first place was won over by Cannabisvital Oil. In Italy, this offer’s earned a 49% approval rate. Second spot went to Czechia with Prostatricum. The third spot’s owned by Idealis, the weight loss offer in Switzerland with a 42% approval rate.  

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!?
[Image: ocr]
(03-15-2021, 12:16 PM)?? Spanish kind of passion on Webvork! Wrote: Opening a fresh GEO for the CardioBalance new offer?

CardioBalance is an offer that can be scaled for a wider audience and will be great for those: 

• fighting with toxins
• dreaming of getting rid of cholesterol 
• maintaining checkups of hart and blood strokes
• interested in normalizing their blood pressure levels 

? Payout rates in Spain start from €30 per lead
Offer link ?? https://bit.ly/3xY7S9c

Connect to the offer right now and seize your profit! 

#Webvork #affiliatemarketing

[Image: ocr]
(03-15-2021, 12:16 PM)? Всем привет! Мы в Webvork всегда думаем о контенте и стараемся сделать его не только интересным, но и полезным для наших издателей. Наш сегодняшний гость-система отслеживания рекламы PeerClick. Wrote: Мы предполагаем, что нет необходимости объяснять, зачем нам нужны трассировщики, все используют их по-разному. Но мы уверены, что в партнерском маркетинге трекеры используются для маскировки контента. И многие издатели считают маскировку контента ключевой особенностью систем отслеживания рекламы.
В этой статье мы научим вас, как это сделать с помощью трекера PeerClick.

Ссылка на статью: https://bit.ly/3gNIPQD

Телеграф (https://bit.ly/3gNIPQD)
Как настроить скрытие контента с помощью PeerClick
Всем привет! Мы в Webvork всегда думаем о контенте и стараемся сделать его не только интересным, но и полезным для наших издателей. Наш сегодняшний гость-система отслеживания рекламы PeerClick. Мы предполагаем, что нет необходимости объяснять, зачем нам нужны индикаторы, каждый использует их по-разному. Но мы уверены, что в партнерском маркетинге трекеры используются для маскировки контента. И многие издатели рассматривают скрытие контента как ключевую функцию систем отслеживания рекламы. Существует множество таких трекеров, некоторые из них лучше всего подходят для работы с Facebook…
[Image: ocr]

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