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Is Cloud-on Demand better than Scalable Cloud Solutions ?
Cloud Computing exists from a long time but one can say that it has become popular in recent era. Cloud has given a real  different dimension to the IT world. Cloud is a new computing model. Basically, IT resources and services are taken from an onsite infrastructure and are provided on-demand in a dynamically scalable environment. Cloud Computing gives Small to medium sized business immediate, on-demand computing and storage resources without upfront costs.
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Cloud Hosting considered as the most effective and feasible solutions for the IT environment. Cloud has provided increased efficiency and scalable structure too.  Cloud accelerates Small to medium businesses by allowing transformation of ideas into marketable products and services with greater speed. Cloud can provide virtually limitless scalability, giving Small and medium sized businesses the ability to grow without time and resource intensive IT build-outs. Many a cloud company provides a comprehensive approach that includes infrastructure, platform, and productivity capabilities, as well as the option to choose public cloud, private cloud, or both.

One of the best characteristics includes the pay as you use in cloud hosting services. It has been a new concept made keeping in mind according to the need and demand of the user’s. Cloud is revolutionary for the economics of small-medium businesses in IT. In the past, IT has been capital intensive and now can be pay-as-you-go. Underlying infrastructure, capacity and costs are assessed, providing a tiered approach to need. An analysis of current on-site IT costs versus the ROI for Cloud should give a strong indication of the best approach for small to medium businesses.

Cloud has emerged as the one of the powerful resources, which has brought stability and consistency in the IT structure with the advancements of sharing the resources. Cloud brings powerful IT resources to the masses. A business of any size can access information technology resources that previously were out of reach. Best of breed applications and computing infrastructure are available to all without a considerable up-front investment. Cloud unlocks revenue potential for any business. Companies can enter new markets, acknowledge and act on changing customer needs, create and provide added value, as well as achieve cost-effective strategies.

The different type of facilities like Private Cloud and Public Cloud can serve as a better infrastructure for the masses which is customized as per the needs and wants. Cloud can enhance information management and diminish risks. Protect classified information through mobile systems that can sense their physical environment providing automated security and simplifying disaster recovery. Cloud does not always offer the best business solution. Some Cloud solutions restrict the ability to customize functionality or cannot assure quality of service. Stringent compliance or technical requirements may demand other approaches. Businesses will need to determine where Cloud is most appropriate around cost, risk, and performance.
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