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Need to create a function for a casino game
I have a Project for my programming class, and its requiring me to set up the main functionality for playojo bonus code using functions.
First, I needed to seed the random number generator which I think I did right.
void seedRand(int seed)

Second, was to continue to set up functions. So I set the next one to print out numbers to the second decimal place.
void printMoney(double money)
std::cout << std::setprecision(2) << std::fixed;

The next one, and the one I'm not understanding, is to have the user pay, and have the casino receive the money. Sorry if i didn't put enough information, if something is missing please ask. I'm still new to understanding everything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
void payMoney(double & wallet, double amount)

Go to Appy Pie's Casino App Builder and Click on 'Begin'.
Notice your business name to proceed.
Select the application classification and shading plan that best accommodates your business.
Pick the gadget to test your application execution.
Adjust your application plan according to your inclinations.

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