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Hyphens in domain names. Good or bad?
What do you think of hyphens in domain names? There's a domain that I want. But the domain without the hyphen is sadly taken.

Are domains with hyphens hard to remember? How about seo would hyphens in domains affect seo ranking?
For some they can be hard to remember. But I'm able to remember them. I have a domain with 2 hyphens and it does well in the search engines.

I'd say go ahead and get the one with the hyphen - if you really like it.
I'd go ahead and get the domain with the hyphen. I don't recommend using more than 2 hyphens though.

But 1 or 2 hyphens are fine.

Google doesn't really care if yo use domains with hyphens either. They just care about quality content.

Our website http://webhosting-land.com has a hyphen in the domain and it's doing just fine.

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I have a few domains with hyphens and they have no problems ranking in the search engines.
Personally, I do not like domain name with hypen. Sorry Chad. Tongue
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(12-02-2013, 07:08 AM)midave Wrote: Personally, I do not like domain name with hypen. Sorry Chad. Tongue

I don't like them either. Most time's I'll forget to add the hyphens.

Chad hasn't updated this thread yet. But he changed the domain for the company webhosting-land.com to http://speedycrow.com to get rid of the hyphen.

I bet it's helped with business.

I like speedycrow.com better than webhosting-land.com

http://Webhosting-land.com now redirects to http://speedycrow.com

By the way I was over at http://blog.webmasterbabble.com the blog to this forum and noticed this in A blog post about domains.

Quote:Avoid Hyphens in your domain if possible.

It’s best to avoid having hyphens in your domain such as mysite-today.com or something. Having hyphens makes it hard to remember your websites domain and could potentially lose you traffic to your competitors as the user could type in mysitetoday.com instead and not reach your website at all.

Let’s face it. Most people including me forget to put a hyphen between the words in a domain.

I’ll admit I started speedycrow.com up using a hyphenated domain name.

But almost a year later I decided to change it to a better name without the hyphen as even I was trouble remembering the hyphen in my own domain. lol

Source: http://blog.webmasterbabble.com/how-to-c...r-website/

So Chad does now recommend avoiding hyphens and I noticed he said that he had trouble remembering to go to the hyphenated version of his own company domain so I guess that was one of the deciding factors on changing the domain to speedycrow.com

I'd say that was a good decision to change the domain.

I think it was changed sometime in August of 2013.
Yes. It's certainly helped business since I've changed the name.

I changed the domain on August 4th 2013.

Questions & Answer Website Ask or answer questions on any topic.

Webmasterbabble.com Blog
Webmasterbabbles webmaster Blog About How To Make Money Web Hosting and Much more.

You use hyphens only when there are shortage of domains with keywords you are looking for and you want to rank in google or bing only on basis of SEO. I can see domains with hyphens doing well in Bing search results. But certainly that's not going to help you if you are looking out to build a brand out of it. In some cases it may lead you to terrible failure.
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I think this makes SEO friendly. But don't you think this makes url slightly long?
There is no harm in using "-" in domain names. One of the sites which i use is www . ibm-mainframes . com and has a hyphen in it and it does show in google when searched on appropriate key words, for example "ispf tips" which lists the site mentioned as the first entry on google.

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