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Hyphens in domain names. Good or bad?
For some they can be difficult to recollect. In any case, I'm ready to recall that them. I have a space with 2 hyphens and it wells in the web indexes.
Hyphens .. uhm ... I think 1 2 Hyphens does not have any problems
I have a hyphenated domain and seo feel better. but maybe I was wrong.
it dosen't affect SEO but your domain is not pro
There are no good or bad at all. But personally, I don't like Hyphens, because domain name won't be beautiful
One dash can be considered ok. But multiple dashes may make it suspicious. As, hyphens are allowed in domain names, Google as well as other search engines do not take it as bad in first view. For search engines, domains of both the types are same.
In any dialog like this present, it's commonly a smart thought to go as near the wellspring of Hyphens are permitted in space names themselves, just as rendition of the word just to catch the individuals who type it in wrong.d
The important thing to know is that: Hyphens are allowed in domain names themselves, as well as subdomains and subfolders. http://www.sub-domain.domain-name.com/sub-folder-1/ is a perfectly valid URL. Underscores are not allowed in domain names, but are allowed in subfolders.

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