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How SEO of Blogs is important to increase website keywords ranking?
seo blogs is like seo a website. and we need good tactics
Blogging is a very important method in Inbound Marketing and Promotion. Blog provides additional information of our services and company products
As an SEO point of view, content is important for increase keyword rank boosting. Update fresh content through blog, articles, PR submission. This content update on google. Google supports fresh & unique content.
Like they said "Content is King", so Blogging must come along with good content.
I think invest a good content and good at offpage is important
I am interested in this matter
google search so easy
(07-22-2013, 05:36 AM)johnwilliams Wrote: Please share your experience and knowledge about How SEO of Blog is important to increase website keywords ranking?

For best SEO, blog is most important to increase website keywords ranking as well as traffic. Commenting and guest posting on the related to the same niche will provide your blog with good backlinks which will improve your keywords ranking!
You can't get any traffic to your website without a good optimized website, that is my opinion.

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