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Is Web 2.0 Submission helpful to increase Ranking?
Sign up and write 1 post review about your product in website 2.0, add backlink (Key word) in your review. Then go google webmaster submit your url.
It's not simple to do it, you need more time and experience to know it clearly.
Web 2.0 Blog posting websites will increase your rank, rapidly or slowly denpend on the ways you do
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(09-02-2013, 10:59 PM)Josephanna66 Wrote: Absolutely yes, You can use web 2.0 submission to promote your website. Web 2.0 submission will help you more if after submission you will promote your submission page by social bookmarking or other way, You can say that its just a part of link baiting.

I agree with you
Yes, It is the online technique. In this way, you can share your content via hubpages, squidoo, blog sites. You can also share share website on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
Not just short time i think but it's for a long period of time SEO.
It gives long-term effects.
As per my personal experience, Web 2.0 Sites are very beneficial for SEO & Digital Marketing. Check out why:

1. Backlinks - Most of the web 2.0 sites provide Dofollow links
2. Traffic - These websites have millions of traffic from the search engines. You can easily get traffic from these sites.
3. High Authority - 10 out of 9 websites have 90+ domain authority.

Here are the latest list of web 2.0 submission sites. If you need help then reply in the comment.
Completely yes, You can utilize web 2.0 accommodation to advance your site. Web 2.0 accommodation will help you progressively if after accommodation you will advance your accommodation page by social bookmarking or other way, You can state that its only a piece of connection goading.
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I think it is useful for PL Method, it 's good in short time
Can I get some web 2.0?

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