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Is bonafide Certificate Compulsory for Passport?
What is bonafide certificate required for passport? The answer is not a simple one. Bonafide Promo Code, which is also referred to as Faux Passport, is actually a fake of the actual Passport that needs to be made prior to travelling. It is an original document which does not carry any type of authentication value and hence, it needs to be obtained from a governmental authority. Though in general, one can make such a photocopy of the original Passport, but this process might not be possible for everyone as it might take quite a long time before one gets the copy.

Now, what is bonafide certificate compulsory for passport? The answer is: yes. Any genuine member of a passport club or agency can apply for a bonafide certificate and his copy would be accepted by the Department of State as authentic. However, a photocopy of an original Passport is still required and is, therefore, compulsory for passport. The reason for this is that without a valid copy of the original, it becomes difficult to prove identity and one cannot go about travelling around without his/her birth certificate and a copy of marriage certificate too.

If one wants to know what is bonafide certificate required for passport? The answer to that question is: it is nothing. Though you might get the genuine copy from a governmental authority or from a photo-shop, but it is nothing more than an original certificate.
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