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Is 40% bounce rate bad?
I checked my sites bounce rate and it's at 40%.

Is this a bad bounce rate or is it okay?
That's not really that bad at all. I'd say a 60 - 70 % bounce rate is bad.

You're doing good.
It's pretty good. Though even lower like in the 30% range is better.
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Yes, i think so that its pretty good and these type of traffics are not organic. May be your competitors check your website or traffics from non relative area. You are doing good and you should try more to make it more lower than current.

Does your site depends upon search engine traffic or direct visitors. If it depends upon search engine then well I have to say you are having a pretty decent bounce out rate. Even bounce rate of 50-65% are considered good if the site depends upon search engine traffic. Even if it doesn't yours fall in decent zone anyways.
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Looks okay, at some point. But it should raise an alarm to you that you need to optimize your website even further to bring this percentage down. I say start researching to know what cause such bounce rate.
This is not bad bounce rate but you should try to keep it below 10% than you can say that you are doing well for your website.
(08-04-2013, 12:51 AM)wakoya Wrote: I checked my sites bounce rate and it's at 40%.

Is this a bad bounce rate or is it okay?

Its actually good. Any bounce rate below 50% is just fine. It means that your site audience have a good engagement.
How to reduce the bounce rate if you're having bounce rate 60%?
No, 40% is not a bad bounce rate at all because there as there are many factors when people come to your website with different set of keywords and they may not be looking for what exactly you have.
For example they may be looking for service or you are having product something like this.

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